Made in California

Established, October 2006

ICUSA Form 1. Rev. 10



MC: 579605

Federal ID: 20-5698659

US DOT: 2237587

DUNS: 786485800


Mobility Exchange Corporation

    Our Core Values

    • Integrity and respect in all of our actions 
    • Accountability in all relationships
    • Open and honest communication with our clients and carriers
    • Profitable growth of the organization
    • Responsibility for the health of the national economy

    ...To Our Communities and Country

    To be an outstanding partner in the communities in which we operate, supporting them, economically, and making meaningful contributions to the American way of life.


    To exceed the need(s) and expectation(s) of all our specialty-product clients, carriers, communities and economy, and our country.


    To be the unparalleled leader in the distribution of cargos by fulfilling the highest standards for consistency, cargo assortment, dependability, value-added support service, and integrity in our business and personal relationships.

    ...To Our Carriers

    To do our part to bring a wide variety of appealing cargos at attractive value to the marketplace.

    ...To Our Clients

    To create partnering relationship of trust, integrity, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. To provide dependable, on-time delivery and highly-competitive pricing.