Privacy Policy

    Personal Information

    ICUSA Mobility Exchange Corporation is committed to the responsible use of personal information collected from, and about, clients, carriers, business partners, staff, and others who provide such information to us and to comply with both state, and federal, regulations concerning the use of personal information. Such personal information includes any number that may be used, alone or in conjunction with any other information, to identify a specific individual, or other personal information, that could be used to cause financial, or reputational, harm to an individual or organization. This policy applies to information that is collected by any means, whether electronically, by telephone, or on paper.

    Limits on Use and Access

    The responsible use of personal information requires that ICUSA respects individual privacy, protects against identity theft and other unauthorized uses, and complies fully with all laws and government regulations in the collection, use, storage, display, distribution, and/or disposal of such information. Authorized uses of personal information are limited to those which are a) necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements b) to facilitate access to services, transactions, facilities, and/or information or c) to support efficient administrative and/or legal processes.

    Access to personal information is limited to

    • the individual whose information is produced or displayed,
    • an ICUSA official, or its agent, with authorized access based upon a legitimate business interest and a need to know,
    • an organization, or person, authorized by the individual to receive the information,
    • a legally-authorized, government entity, its representative, or other circumstances in which ICUSA is legally compelled to provide access to personal information, or
    • other individuals or entities, as allowed by law, for purposes judged to be appropriate, or necessary, for the reasonable conduct of ICUSA affairs.

    Established, October 2006


    Mobility Exchange Corporation

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