Made in California

Established, October 2006

ICUSA Form 1. Rev. 10



MC: 579605

Federal ID: 20-5698659

US DOT: 2237587

DUNS: 786485800


Mobility Exchange Corporation

    About Us

    ICUSA Mobility Exchange Corporation is an independent organization, specializing in Third-Party Logistics (3PL), for surface transportation. We have been established nearly a decade, since October 2006 A.D., to give our clients and carriers an unmatched level of service, at competitive quotes, that can only be provided by a true business owner. As a third-party-logistics provider with almost a decade in government and commercial operations, we have secured the means and methods to locate, and stand behind, responsible transportation for our clients' cargos, which help to reduce effort incurred by their logistics arm.

    We work, in collaboration, with Full-Truck-Load (FTL) and Less-Than-Truck-Load (LTL) carriers to transport and deliver cargos, from military technology between two installations, to construction equipment from mill to construction site, to produce from farm to market, and to household luxury items, sculpted by craftsmen, for your home. We serve from coast to coast, lane to lane, elbow to elbow, and brick by brick for our country and the American pride.

    This is ICUSA's quintessential speed of service and payment plan - expertly crafted - to make customers and carriers precisely completed.

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